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Retrieved May 18, Scanned happiness and prosperity essay of the Jefferson’s “original Rough draught” of the Declaration of Independence, written in JuneCollege essay themes for community service all the changes made later by John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and other members of the committee, and by Congress.

Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Belknap Press of Harvard University Press. A Multitude of Amendments, Alterations and Additions. Retrieved October 29, The Papers of Thomas Jefferson. Retrieved May 19, Retrieved January 21, Two Treatises of Government. A Letter Concerning Toleration. Essay Concerning Human Understanding. Book 2, Chapter 21, Section The Natural Rights Republic.

University of Notre Dame Press. State University of New York Press. And while in the Quattrocento the foreign source was wholly Greek, in the twelfth century it was also Harvest strategy segment in a business plan derived from Spain and Sicily and Syria and Africa as well as from Constantinople.

They also absorbed the Egyptian, Persian, Chinese and Indian traditions of knowledge and created an Islamic synthesis in conformity with the fundamental principles of their faith. Arabic translations were made directly from the Greek, as in the case of Ptolemy’s Almagest A. Certain of the caliphs especially favored learning, while the universal diffusion of the Arabic language made communication easy and spread a common culture throughout Islam, regardless of political divisions.

The most vigorous scientific and philosophical activity of the early Middle Ages lay in the lands of the Prophet, happiness and prosperity essay in the fields cover letter format for teaching profession medicine and mathematics or in those of astronomy, astrology, and alchemy. To their Greek inheritance the Arabs added something of their own: The reception of this science in Western Europe marks a turning-point in the history of European intelligence.

Until the twelfth century the intellectual contacts between Christian Europe and the Arab world were few and unimportant. Christian Spain was merely a transmitter to the North.

The great adventure of the European scholar lay in the Peninsula…the lure of Spain began to act only in the twelfth century, and the active impulse toward the spread of Arabic learning came from beyond the Pyrenees and from men of diverse origins. Much in their biography and relations with one another is still obscure.

Their work was at first confined to no single place, but translation was carried on at Barcelona, Tarazona, Segovia, Leon, Pampiona, as well as beyond the Pyrenees at Toulouse, Beziers, Narbonne, and Marseilles. Later, however, the happiness and prosperity essay centre became Toledo. Sicily had been under the Muslim rule from to Their lucrative international trade with the Middle East was on going long before the Crusades.

The Italian merchants transmitted a host of skills, sciences, arts and values to the Italian Peninsula. The process was not impeded by the Norman happiness and prosperity essay of Sicily. It was the other way around. It greatly enhanced and facilitated the transmission process. Midway between Europe and Africa, Sicily had been under Arab rule from toand under the Normans who followed it retained a large Mohammedan happiness and prosperity essay in its population.

Moreover, it had many commercial relations with Mohammedan countries, while King Roger conducted campaigns in Northern Africa and Frederick II made an expedition to Palestine. Arabian physicians and astrologers were employed at the Sicilian court, and one of the great works of three main parts of cover letter learning, the Geography of Edrisi, was composed at King Roger’s command.

Frederick also maintained a happiness and prosperity essay on scientific topics with many sovereigns and scholars of Mohammedan lands, and the work of translation went on under his son and successor Manfred, while we should probably refer to this Sicilian centre some of the versions by unknown authors.

It does not make sense that the Europe which for centuries had no or minimal contact with the Greco-Roman sciences and philosophy suddenly woke up to understand, digest, master and apply these sophisticated philosophical concept and scientific precincts.

The Europeans needed a continuous philosophical and scientific tradition with relevant contemporary vocabulary, concepts, explanations and understandings to make sense of an old philosophical legacy and scientific heritage. This legacy was well preserved, explained, adapted and synthesized by the Muslim culture and tradition. The Latin Europe received a well preserved and cooked scientific tradition from the East and initially absorbed it as it was and then expanded upon it with the passage of time.

The assimilation and expansion process left its indelible imprint upon the ultimate outcome. Words like algebra, zero, cipher tell their own tale, as do ‘Arabic’ numerals and the word algorism which long distinguished their use as taught by al-Khwarizmi.

In astronomy the same process is exemplified in almanac, zenith, nadir, and azimuth. From the Arabic we get alchemy, and perhaps chemistry, as well as alcohol, alkali, elixir, alembic, not to mention pharmaceutical terms like syrup and gum arabic. In the field of trade and navigation we have hazar and tariff, admiral and arsenal, and products of Mohammedan lands such as sugar and cotton, the muslin of Mosul and the damask of Damascus, the leather of Cordova and Morocco.

Such fossils of our vocabulary reveal happiness and prosperity essay chapters of human intercourse in the Mediterranean. If Arabic learning reached Latin Christendom at many points, direct translation from the Greek was in the twelfth century almost wholly confined to Italy, where the most important meeting-point of Greek and Latin culture was the Norman kingdom of Southern Italy and Sicily.

Islam was also a vital part of the Latin Scholasticism, Italian humanism, the so called two tributaries of the medieval Renaissance. He has shown that a major part of the Western happiness and prosperity essay culture owed its origins to Arabo-Islamic contributions including the medieval universities and centers of learning. The Eurocentric interpretations of medieval scholasticism portray it as a totally homegrown and uniquely European phenomenon.

Medieval historians such as Martin Grabmann, J. Endres and others contend that Sentences of Prosper Aquitaine d. He argues that none of the above mentioned ancient and early medieval writers had any developed concept or model of scholastic methodology.

Indeed there are some scholastic elements variegated in a number of manuscripts but they do not even come close to be called a model for the twelfth century scholasticism. It is with good reason that Charles Homer Haskins devoted one of his books to it, The Renaissance of the 12th Century. For not only was this work not known as yet in the West, the aporias are not quite of the same nature as the sic-et-non confrontation of conflicting texts.

The constituent elements had already developed there… One of the happiness and prosperity essay striking facts that face the seeker of the origins of the scholastic method in the Muslim East is that the sic-et-non method has its natural habitat, so to speak, in Muslim religious law.

Once this discovery is made — the student of Islam can hardly avoid happiness and prosperity essay it — the rest of the elements we mentioned fall into their proper place in their appropriate stages of development…Islamic law was no less important in the development of the scholastic method.

Therefore, scholastic method was used in the Muslim world centuries before its technical use in the Christian West. Islam had its scholastic renaissance in the eighth and ninth centuries. The contending parties used Islamic scripture and prophetic traditions to justify their political stances leading to issues concerning scriptural interpretations and methodologies. It was argued that human reason was a common denominator and must be used as a barometer of authentic scriptural interpretations.

The possible subjective interpretations of Islamic texts were checked by objective rational methods. The rational and individualistic discourse to revelation eliminated any possibility of authoritative church or state interpretations.

Reason, freedom, liberty, individual consciousness, self-identity and natural ethics were propagated in opposition to official, authoritarian and subjective manipulations of the revelation.

This was also the period when contacts with Eastern Christianity and Greek sciences brought about an invasion of Greek philosophy into Muslim lands. The Muslim response was a kind of Islamization of Greek philosophy. They corroborated revelation with reason by allegorical interpretations within the established boundaries of Arabic happiness and prosperity essay and Islamic theology. The traditionalists also recognized and accepted the significance of human reason in understanding the revelation but gave revelation upper hand while corroborating it with reason.

The Greek logic was equally used by the rationalists and traditionalists. Islamic culture received crucial stimulation from the Iranian and, especially, from the Greek culture … without thereby losing its identity. This resulted in the islamization of the Hellenistic heritage. Man has free will to be guided by the concepts of good or evil; however, his decisions, although based on his own, follow the laws of nature, which he cannot escape. Through Arab-Latin translations it shaped scholastic thinking in the Middle Ages, as well the educational program.

They used the already established scholastic method of Muslim jurists to determine orthodoxy of their theological positions. Consequently the scholastic method of presenting arguments, creative writing programs connecticut arguments, the main thesis and nullification of counter arguments was incorporated into major theological enterprises.

The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality

He also argues that transmission of such knowledge from the Muslim East to the Christian West was not difficult. Averroes like Avicenna combined theology with philosophy and natural sciences.

They were the masters of scholastic method. Their works were well known to St. Thomas and other medieval Christian divines. Thomas belong to the same spiritual family. Photius, the happiness and prosperity essay of Constantinople, one of the known expositors of scholastic method in the West, was once an ambassador to the court of Muslim caliph al-Mutawakkil reign: The scholarly soul such as Photius would have not missed the opportunity.

Just like the Muslim predecessors, the medieval scholastics frequently discussed matters related to existence of God, divine unity and attributes, mortality or immortality of soul, human free will and predestination.

The issue of predestination was more urgent in the Christian West due to its happiness and prosperity essay with Christian dogma of original sin and justification through faith. The idea of free happiness and prosperity essay was more popular with humanists than their scholastic counterparts.

Human dignity, equality, freedom of will and choice, salvation through moral actions, freedom of expression and difference, government through selective consent, limited monarchy, rhetoric and eloquence all were important parts of Islamic civilization.

Islam was not the other worldly religion. It allowed room for material pursuits and accumulation of wealth.

There was no restriction on public display of wealth as long as wealth was shared with less fortunate members of the society through obligatory alms giving.

Trade was considered a prophetic profession. Prophet Muhammad was the model businessman who engaged in local, national and international trade. Cultural expressions of individuality, prosperity and power were not prohibited as long as they did not encroach upon others dignity by exhibiting arrogance. Additionally there were no ecclesiastical establishments, clerical impositions, papal political ambitions and corruptions, irrational mysteries, medieval filters to original scriptures, multiple layers of Church traditions, decrees, councils and sacraments.

There was not much of a gap between the classical sciences including the Arabic language and contemporary Islamic discourse. There was no absolute divine right monarchy having the right to make or break laws. Knowledge and wisdom was thought to be the lost commodity of all believers.

Muslims were encouraged to seek knowledge even if they had to travel to far distant areas such as China and indeed they did.

Muslims were trading with China and Western Europe by the middle of ninth century.

Eight pillars of prosperity. By James Allen.

Some died there and were buried there. Mark’s body from Alexandria in was only possible because the appearance of Venetian merchants in the Egyptian port caused no surprise. In the same year the testament of Doge Giustiniano Parrecipazio revealed that he himself had huge investments in overseas trading voyages.

Over the centuries, Venice struggled to achieve supremacy over her rivals in Levantine trade, especially Pisa and Genoa. At the lowest end of the How to cite personal experience in a research paper were the oarsmen, who were allowed to collect indulgences at a local pilgrim site and to peddle their modest possessions when moored in a foreign port.

A consul represented hire essay writer interest of the Venetian community, and the priest served as notary as well as chaplain. Most “colonies” had a fondaco for storage and lodgings, a church, a bakery, and a public bathhouse. In some cities, such as Damascus, Venetians lived outside the fondaco in rented property in the town alongside the local population.

Skilled artisans from home served the daily needs of the visiting or resident merchants: Barbers could serve as surgeons, and we also have essay writing correction online happiness and prosperity essay of physicians accompanying consuls and ambassadors to the East.

Indian, Persian, Chinese and Greek sciences were all sought after. Muslims had already assimilated the so called pagan Greek sciences and philosophy into their religious narrative Islamizing them wherever needed. Arabic grammar, poetry, rhetoric, eloquence, manners and moral philosophy were an intrinsic part of Islamic happiness and prosperity essay and civilization. This classical Muslim humanism was a good model for Europeans to imitate. The highly developed urbanism of Islam, its elaborate Contoh curriculum vitae untuk mahasiswa wealthy courts and associated patronage, and a universal respect for learning all combined to provide a fertile environment for the emergence of a happiness and prosperity essay of humanism analogous to that which arose in the West.

The happiness and prosperity essay importance of Arabic on the happiness and prosperity essay, cultural, administrative, and commercial levels made it inevitable that whatever kind of happiness and prosperity essay appeared, it would have to happiness and prosperity essay a special place to language.

In addition to demonstrating the historical fact that the medieval happiness and prosperity essay and humanism had its origins in the Classical Islam, Makdisi also showed that a major part of the Western intellectual culture owed its origins to Arabo-Islamic contributions including the medieval universities and centers of learning.

It had a specific thesis topic on surgical site infection specialized teachers and a scholastic orientation as Islamic law constituted the bulk of Madrassa teaching.

But it was not the only happiness and prosperity essay of Islamic happiness and prosperity essay. Other Islamic sciences such as philosophy, rational theology or Kalam and other natural sciences were taught and discussed outside Madrassa in various libraries, homes and study circles. was the result of a clash between the orthodoxy and Muslim rationalistic trend.

The Muslim colleges, the madrassas, were mostly dedicated to Islamic law and jurisprudence. They became the center of Muslim happiness and prosperity essay, a middle road between the extremes of conservative orthodoxy and liberal rationalists. Moreover although the universities were said to be different from the madrasas which had been established throughout the Muslim world in the tenth and eleventh centuries, there were significant parallels between the system of education in Islam and that of the Christian West.

Paris was the first western city where a college was established Cbse essay writing competition result by a pilgrim returning from Jerusalem; it was founded, probably copying a madrasa, as a house of scholars, created by an individual without a royal charter. So too was Balliol in Oxford before it became a happiness and prosperity essay. Whether or not these stimulated western Europe is a moot happiness and prosperity essay but there were clear parallels as there were in other advanced written cultures.

But perhaps more importantly, in Islam these institutions happiness and prosperity essay more or less Essay on the proverb self help is the best help devoted to religious studies, whereas in Europe, although religion initially dominated, other subjects were allowed to grow up within the happiness and prosperity essay domain.

Gradually forms of secular knowledge became increasingly important. In Islam such forms of learning had to take place elsewhere. Indeed in many ways it may have been Islamic methods that preceded the founding of the first European University at Bologna, teaching law, as did the Badras school in Byzantium.

The sic et non central to the work of the scholastics like Aquinasthe questiones disputatae, the reportio, and the happiness and prosperity essay dialectic could have their earlier Islamic parallels. Earlier institutions of learning such as those of the ancient Greeks tended to be centred on individual teachers, and it is therefore the idea of an institution with different faculties which represents the Islamic contribution towards the emergence of the university as a distinct institution.

Scholasticism was a major tributary to European Renaissance and the Islamic influences were manifestly imminent. This was in part a legacy of the translation movement, especially in Spain, which we have already looked at in happiness and prosperity essay with Peter the Venerable’s efforts to gather more accurate information about Islam, but it was more particularly a result of the translations which were made of works in the field of philosophy, both original Greek happiness and prosperity essay and Islamic commentaries on them.

The process was facilitated through the medium of Muslim civilization. It does not make sense that the Europeans, after centuries of intellectual stagnation, suddenly woke up to reclaim their lost heritage and then instantly intellectualized the entire continent and the globe. The intellectual progress takes time to realize change and bear fruits.

There was a huge gap, both historical and intellectual, between the medieval present and the distant classical past. The cultural milieu, nature of scientific knowledge and thinking processes were totally divergent. Europe was not a unified entity and was marred with constant bloody rivalries and contentions. Its medieval parochial, unsophisticated and unenlightened socio-political and religious structure was not congenial to scientific research, inquiry and innovation.

The good workman is skillful, with his tools, while the good man is skillful with his thoughts. Wisdom is the highest form of skill.

Essay on Ugadi Festival

Aptitude in incipient wisdom. There is one right way of doing everything, even the smallest, and a happiness and prosperity essay wrong ways. Skill consists in finding the one right way, and adhering to it. The inefficient bungle confusedly about among the thousand wrong ways, and do not adopt the right even when it is pointed out to them.

They do this in some cases because they think, in their ignorance, that they know best, thereby placing themselves in a position where it becomes impossible to pay to do my essay uk even though it be only to learn how to clean a window or sweep a floor. Thoughtlessness and inefficiency are all too common. There is plenty of room in the world for common. There is plenty of room in the world for thoughtful and efficient people.

Employers of labour know how difficult it is to get the best workmanship. The good workman, whether with tools or brain, whether with speech or thought, will always find a place for the exercise of his happiness and prosperity essay.

Resourcefulness is the outcome of efficiency. It is an important element in prosperity, for the resourceful man is never confounded. He may have many falls, but he will always be equal to the occasion, and will be on his feet again immediately. Resourcefulness has its fundamental cause in the conservation of energy. It is energy transmuted. When a man cuts off certain mental or bodily vices which have been depleting him of his energy, what buffet restaurant thesis of the energy so conserved?

It is not destroyed or lost, for energy can never be destroyed or lost. It becomes productive energy. It reappears in the form of fruitful thought. The virtuous man is always more successful than the vicious man because he is teeming with resources.

His entire mentality is alive Cover letter for dance teaching position vigorous, abounding with stored up energy.

What the vicious man wastes in barren indulgence, the virtuous man uses in fruitful industry. A new life and a new world, abounding with all fascinating pursuits and pure delights, open up to the man who shuts himself off from the old world of animal vice, and his place will be assured by the resources which will well up within him. Barren seed perishes in the earth; there is no place for it in the fruitful economy of nature. Barren minds sink in the struggle of life.

Human society makes for good, and there is no room in it for the emptiness engendered by vice. But the barren mind will not sink for ever. When it wills, it can become fruitful and regain itself. By the very nature of existence, by the eternal law of progress, the vicious man must fall; but having fallen, he can rise again.

He can turn from vice to virtue, and stand, self respecting and secure, upon his own resources. The resourceful men invent, discover, initiate. They cannot fail, for they are in the happiness and prosperity essay of progress. They are full of new schemes, new methods, new hopes, and their life is so much fuller and richer thereby.

They are men of supple minds. When a man fails to improve his business, his work, his methods, he falls out of the line of progress, and has begun to fail. His mind has become stiff and inert like the body of an online research papers man, and so fails to keep pace with the rapidly moving ideas and plans of resourceful minds.

A resourceful happiness and prosperity essay is like a river research proposal on climate change and food security never runs happiness and prosperity essay, and which affords refreshment, and supplies new vigour, in times of drought. Men of resources are men of new ideas, and men of new ideas flourish where others fade and decay. Originality is resourcefulness ripened and perfected. Where there is originality there is genius, and men of genius are the lights of the world.

Whatever work a man does, he should fall back upon his own resources in the doing it. While learning from others, he should not slavishly imitate them, but should put himself into his work, and so make it new and original.

Original men get the ear of the world. They may be neglected at first, but they are always ultimately accepted, and become patterns for mankind.

Once a man has acquired the knack of originality, he takes his place as a Thesis on metamorphosis by franz kafka among men in his particular department of knowledge and skill. The composition of the Second Pillar is thus revealed. Its building awaits the ready work man who will skillfully apply his happiness and prosperity essay energies.

Third pillar — Integrity There is no striking a cheap with prosperity. It must be purchased, not only with intelligent labor, but with moral force. He makes a feverish spurt in the acquirement of money, and then collapses. Nothing is ever gained, ever can be gained, by fraud.

It is but wrested for a time, to be again returned happiness and prosperity essay heavy interest. But fraud is not confined to the unscrupulous happiness and prosperity essay. All who are getting, or trying to get, money without giving an equivalent are practicing fraud, whether they know it or not. Men who are anxiously scheming how to get money without working for it, are frauds, and mentally they are closely allied to the thief and swindler under whose influence they come, sooner or later, and who deprives them of their capital.

What is a thief but a man who carries to its logical or later, and who deprives them of their capital. What is a thief but a man who carries to its logical extreme the desire to possess without giving a just return — that is, unlawfully? The man that courts prosperity must, in all his transactions, whether material or mental, study how to give a just return for that which he receives.

He is too far behind in the process of evolution to cope successfully with honest man. The fittest, the best, always survive, and he being the worst, cannot therefore continue.

  • If the existing evidence about Jesus of Nazareth is considered a convincing proof of his divinity, then many other things can be proven with similar evidence.
  • Even the extreme Socialist, who places all unemployment, at the door of the rich, would discharge a lazy, neglectful and unprofitable servant, and so add one more to the arm of the unemployed; for laziness is one of the lowest vices repulsive to all active, right minded men.
  • The Catholic Habsburg monarchy was quite entangled with the Ottomans throughout the Reformation period.
  • To go to bed betime and to get up betime, to fill in every working minute with purposeful thought and effective action, this is the true economy of time.
  • The fact that no one of moderate morality and intelligence can think of such a man as commanding any success, should, to all those who have not yet grasped the import of these principles, and therefore declare that morality is not a factor, but rather a hindrance, in prosperity, be a sound proof to them that their conclusion is totally wrong, for if it was right, then the greater the lack of these moral principles, the greater would be the success.
  • The good workman is skillful, with his tools, while the good man is skillful with his thoughts.
  • He was likely neither liar nor lunatic, but rather a preacher, faith-healer, and apocalyptic prophet who in the months leading up to his anticipated execution came to believe he was the Jewish Messiah and even the divinely-special savior of mankind.
  • John says of him, 1 John iii.

His happiness and prosperity essay, unless the change in time, is sure it is the goal, the filthy hovel, or the place of the deserted outcast. His efforts are destructive, and not constructive, and he thereby destroys himself.

He can no more build up a business, a character, a career, a success, than he can found a religion or build a brick house. He not only does not build, but all his energies are bent on undermining what others have built, but his being impossible, he undermines himself. Without integrity, energy and economy will at last fail, but aided by integrity, their strength will be greatly augmented. There is not an occasion in life in which the moral factor does not play an important part.

Sterling integrity tell wherever it is, and stamps it hall mark on all transactions; and it does this because of its wonderful coherence and consistency, and its invincible strength. For the man of integrity is in line with the fixed laws of things — not only with the fundamental principles on which human society rests, but with the laws which hold the vast universe together.

Who shall set these at naught? Who, then, shall undermine the man of unblemished integrity? He is like a strong tree whose roots are fed by perennial springs, and which no tempest can law low. To be complete and strong, integrity must embrace the whole man, and extend to all the details of his life; and it must be so through and permanent as to withstand all temptations to swerve into compromise.

To fail in one point is to fail in all, and to admit, under stress, a compromise with falsehood, howsoever necessary and insignificant it may appear, is to throw down the shield of integrity, and to stand exposed to the onslaughts of evil. The man who works as carefully and conscientiously when his employer is away as when his eye is upon him, will not happiness and prosperity essay remain in an happiness and prosperity essay position.

Such essay on importance of forest in english in duty, in performing the details of his work, will quickly lead him into the fertile regions of prosperity. The shirker, on the other hand — he who does not scruple to neglect his work when his employer is not about, thereby robbing his employer of the time and labour for which he is paid — will quickly come to the barren region of unemployment, and will look in vain for needful labour.

There will come a time, too, to the man who is not deeply rooted in integrity, when it will seem necessary to his prospects and prosperity that he tell a lie or do a dishonest thing — I say, to the man who is not deeply rooted in this happiness and prosperity essay, for a man of fixed and enlightened integrity knows that lying and dishonesty can never under any circumstance be necessary, and therefore he neither needs to be tempted in this happiness and prosperity essay, nor can he possibly be tempted but the one so tempted must be able to cast aside the subtle insinuation of falsehood which, in a time of happiness and prosperity essay and perplexity, arises within him, and he must stand firmly by the principle, being willing to lose and suffer rather than sink into obliquity.

In this way only can he become enlightened concerning this moral principle, and discover the glad truth that integrity does not lead to loss and suffering, but to gain and joy; that honesty and deprivation are not, and cannot be, related as cause and effect.

It is this willingness to sacrifice rather than be untrue that leads to enlightenment in all spheres of life; and the man who, rather than sacrifice some selfish aim, will lie or deceive, has forfeited his right to moral enlightenment, and takes his place lower down among the devotees of deceit, among the doers of shady transactions, than men of no character and no reputation. A man is not truly armoured with integrity until he has become incapable of lying or deceiving either by gesture, word, or act; until he sees, clearly, openly, and freed from all doubt, the deadly effects of such moral turpitude.

The man so enlightened is protect from all quarters, and can no more be undermined by dishonest men than the sun can be pulled down from heaven by madmen, and the arrows of selfishness and treachery that may be poured upon him will rebound from the strong armour of his integrity and the bright shield of his righteousness, leaving him unharmed and untouched. A i write essays tradesman will tell you that no man can thrive and be honest in these days of happiness and prosperity essay competition.

How can such a man know this, seeing that he has never tried honest? Moreover, such a man has no knowledge of honesty, and his statement is therefore, a statement of ignorance, and ignorance and falsehood so happiness and prosperity essay a man that he foolishly imagines all are as ignorant and false as himself. I have known such professional essay editing service and have seen them come to ruin.

I once heard a businessman make the following statement in a public meeting: He was merely telling his audience that he was a dishonest man, but his ignorance, moral ignorance, prevented him from seeing this. Approximate honesty is only another term for dishonesty.

The man who deviated a little from the straight path, will deviate more. He has no fixed principle of right and is only thinking of his own advantage.

That he persuades himself that his particular dishonesty is of white and harmless happiness and prosperity essay, and that he is not so bad as his neighbour, is only of the many forms of self delusion which ignorance of moral principles creates.

Right research paper topics on hiv between man and main in the varied relations and transactions of life is the very happiness and prosperity essay of integrity.

It includes, but is more than, honesty. It is the backbone of human society, and the support of human institutions. Without it there would be no trust, no confidence between men, and the business world would topple to its happiness and prosperity essay. As the liar thinks all men are liars, and treats them as such, so the man of integrity treats all men with confidence. He trusts them, and they trust him. His clear eye and open hand shame the creeping fraud so that he cannot practice his fraud on him.

Men are powerfully influenced by one another, and, as good is more powerful than evil, the strong and good man both shames and elevates, by his contact, the weak and bad. The man of integrity carries about with him an unconscious grandeur which both awes and inspires. Having lifted himself above the petty, the mean, and the false, those coward vices slink from his presence in confusion. The highest intellectual gift cannot happiness and prosperity essay with this lofty moral grandeur.

In the memory of men and the estimation of the world the man of integrity occupies a higher place than the man of genius.

The man of unswerving rectitude is, intrinsically, always a hero. It only needs the happiness and prosperity essay to bring out the heroic element. He is always, too, possessed a permanent happiness and prosperity essay. The man of genius may be very unhappy, but not to the man of happiness and prosperity essay.

Nothing nor sickness, nor calamity, nor death — can deprive him of that permanent satisfaction which inheres in uprightness. Rectitude leads straight to prosperity by four successive steps. First, the upright man wins the confidence of others. Second, having gained their confidence, they put trust in him. Third, this trust, never being violated, produces a good reputation; and fourth, a good reputation spreads further and further, and so bring about success.

Dishonesty has the reverse effect. By destroying the confidence of others, it produces in them happiness and prosperity essay and mistrust, and these bring about a bad reputation, which culminates in failure. The Pillar of Integrity is held together by these happiness and prosperity essay virile elements: Invincibility Honesty is the surest way to success.

The day at last comes when the dishonest man repents in sorrow and suffering: Even happiness and prosperity essay the honest man fails — as he does sometimes, through lacking happiness and prosperity essay of these pillars, such as energy, economy, or system his failure is not the grievous thing it is to the dishonest man, for he can always rejoice in the fact that he has never defrauded a fellow being. Even in his darkest hour he finds repose in a clear conscience. Ignorant men imagine that dishonesty is a short cut to happiness and prosperity essay.

This is why they practice it. The dishonest man is morally short sighted. Like the drunkard who sees the immediate pleasure of his habit, but not the ultimate degradation, he sees the immediate effect of a dishonest act — a larger profit but not its ultimate outcome; he does not see that an accumulated happiness and prosperity essay of such acts must inevitably undermine his character, and bring his business toppling about his ears in ruin.

While pocketing his gains, and thinking how cleverly and successfully he is imposing on others, he is all the time imposing on himself, and every coin thus gained must be paid with added interest, and from this just retribution there is no possible loophole of escape.

This moral gravitation is an sure and unvarying as the physical gravitation of a stone to the earth. The tradesman who demands of his assistants that they shall be, and misrepresents his goods to customers, is surrounding himself on all hands with suspicion, mistrust, and hatred.

Even the moral weaklings who carry out his instructions, despise him while defiling themselves happiness and prosperity essay his homework oh the homework 4 happiness and prosperity essay. How can success thrive in such a poisonous happiness and prosperity essay The spirit of ruin is already in such a business, and the day of his fall is ordained. An honest man may fail, but not because he is honest, and his failure will be honourable, and will not injure his character and reputation.

His failure, too, resulting doubtless from his incapacity in the particular direction of his failure, will be a means of leading him into something more suited to his talents, and thus to ultimate success. The honest man has a clear eye and an unflinching gaze. He looks his fellowmen in the face, and his speech is direct and convincing.

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The liar and cheat hangs his head; his eye is muddy and his gaze oblique. He cannot look another man in the happiness and prosperity essay, and his speech arouses mistrust, for it is ambiguous and unconvincing.

When a man has fulfilled his obligations, he has nothing to fear. All his business relations are safe and secure. His methods and actions will endure the light of day. Should he pass through a difficult time, and, get into debt, everybody will trust him and be willing to wait for payment, and all his debts will be paid. Dishonest people try to avoid paying their debts, and they live in fear; but the honest man tries to avoid getting into debt, but centre for academic writing debt overtakes him, he does not fear, but, redoubling his exertions, his debts are paid.

The dishonest are always in fear. They do not fear debt, but fear that they will have to pay their debts. They fear their fellow-men, fear the established authorities, fear the results of all that they do, and they are in happiness and prosperity essay fear of their misdeeds being revealed, and of the consequences which may at any moment overtake them.

The honest man is rid of all this burden of fear. He is light hearted, and walks erect among his fellows; not assuming a happiness and prosperity essay, and skulking write my paper for money cringing, but being himself, and meeting eye to eye.

Not deceiving or injuring any, there are none to fear, and anything and against him can only rebound to his advantage. Purposefulness is the direct outcome of that strength of character which integrity fosters. The man of integrity is the man of direct aims and strong and intelligent purposes.

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He does not guess, and work in the dark. All his plans have in them some of that moral fiber of which his character is wrought. He weights and considers and looks ahead, and so is less likely to make serious mistakes, or to bungle into a dilemma from which it is difficult to escape.

Taking a moral view of all things, and always considering moral consequences, he stands on a firmer and more exalted ground than the man of mere policy and expedience; and while commanding a more extended view of any situation, he wields the greater happiness and prosperity essay which a more comprehensive grasp of details with the principles involved, confers upon him.

Morality always has the advantage of expediency. Its purposes always reach down far below the surface, and are therefore more firm and secure, more strong and lasting. There is a native directness, too, about integrity, which enables the man to get straight to the mark in whatever he does, and which makes failure almost impossible.

Strong men have strong purposes, and strong purposes lead to strong achievements. The man of integrity is above all men strong, and his strength is manifested in that thoroughness with which he does the business of his life; thoroughness which commands respect, admiration, and success. Invincibility is a glorious happiness and prosperity essay, but it only envelopes the man whose integrity is perfectly pure and unassailable. Never to violate, even in the most insignificant particular, the principle of integrity, is to be invincible against all the assaults of innuendo, slander, and misrepresentation.

The man Child observation essay outline point, will lay him low, like the arrow in the happiness and prosperity essay of Achilles.

Pure and perfect integrity is proof against all attack and injury, enabling its possessor to meet all opposition and persecution with dauntless courage and sublime equanimity. No amount of talent, intellect, or business acumen can give a man that power of mind and peace of heart which come from an enlightened acceptance and observance of lofty moral principles. Moral force is the greatest power. Let the seeker for a true prosperity discover this force, let him foster and develop it in his happiness and prosperity essay and in his deeds, and as he succeeds he will take his place among the strong leaders of the earth.

Such is the strong and adamantine Pillar of integrity. Blessed and prosperous above all men will be he who builds its incorruptible masonry into the temple of his life. Fourth pillar — System System is that principle of order by which confusion is rendered impossible.

In the natural and universal order everything is in its place, so that the vast universe runs more perfectly than the happiness and prosperity essay perfect machine. All complex organizations are built up by system. No business or society can develop into large dimensions apart from system, and this principle is preeminently the instrument of the merchant, the business man, and the organizer of institutions.

There are many departments in which a disorderly man may succeed — although attention to order would increase his success but he will not succeed in business unless he can place the business entirely in the hands of a systematic manager, who will thereby remedy his own defect.

All large business concerns have been evolved along definitely drawn systematic lines, any violation of which would be disastrous to the efficiency and welfare of the business.

Complex business or other organizations are built up like complex bodies in nature, by scrupulous attention to details. The disorderly man thinks he can be careless about every thing but the main end, but by ignoring the means he frustrates the end. By the disarrangement of details, organisms perish, and by the careless neglect of details, the growth of any work or concern is prevented.

Disorderly people waste an enormous amount of time and energy. The time frittered away in hunting for things is sufficient, were if conserved by order, to enable them to achieve any success, for slovenly people never have a place for anything, and have to hunt, frequently for a long time, for any article which they require. In the irritation, bad humour, and chagrin which this daily hunting for things brings about, as much energy is dissipated as would be required to build up a big business, or scale the highest heights of achievement in any direction.

Orderly people conserve both their time and energy. They never lose anything, and therefore never have to find anything. Everything is in its place, and the hand can be at once placed upon it, though it be in the dark. They can well afford to be cool and deliberate and so use their mental energies in something more profitable than irritation, bad temper and accusing others for their own lack of order.

There is a happiness and prosperity essay of genius in system which can perform apparent wonders with ease. A systematic man can get through so great a quantity of work in such a short time, and with such freedom from such exhaustion, as to appear almost miraculous.

He scale the heights of success while his slovenly competitor is wallowing hopelessly in the bogs of confusion. His strict observance of the law of order enables him to reach his ends, swiftly and smoothly, without friction or loss of time. In the financial world, the law of order is an iron necessity, and he who faultlessly observes it, saves time, temper, and money.

Every enduring achievement in human society rests upon a basis of system; so true is this, that were system withdrawn, progress would cease. Think, for instance, of the vast achievements of literature the works of classic authors and of great geniuses; the great poems, the innumerable happiness and prosperity essay works, the monumental histories, the soul — stirring orations; think also the social intercourse of human society, of it religions, its legal statutes, and its vast fund of book knowledge think of all these wonderful resources and achievements of language, and then reflect that they all depend for their origin, growth, and continuance on the systematic arrangements of twenty six letters, an happiness and prosperity essay having inexhaustible and illimitable results by the fact of its rigid limitation within uk dissertation fixed rules.

Again; all the wonderful achievements of mathematics have come from the systematic arrangement of ten figures; while the most complex piece of machinery, with its thousands of parts happiness and prosperity essay together smoothly and almost noiselessly to the achievement of the end for which it was designed, was brought forth by the systematic observance of a few mechanical laws. Herein we see how system simplifies that is complex: The scientist names and classifies the myriad details of the universe, from the microscopic rotifer to the telescopic star, by his observance of the principle of system, so that out of many millions of objects, reference can be made to any one object in, at most, a few minutes.

It is this happiness and prosperity essay of speedy references and swift dispatch which is of such overwhelming importance in Dissertation on rte department of knowledge and industry, and the amount of time and labour thus saved to happiness and prosperity essay is so vast as to be incompatible.

We speak of religious, political, and business systems; and so on, indicating that all things in human society are welded together by the adhesive qualities of order. We see here how system is allied with greatness, for the many separate units whose minds are untrained to the happiness and prosperity essay of system, are kept in their places by the organizing power of the comparatively few who perceive the urgent, the inescapable, happiness and prosperity essay for the establishment of fixed and inviolable rules, whether in business, law, religion, science, or politics in fact, in every sphere of human activity for immediately two human beings meet together, they need some common ground of understanding for the avoidance of confusion; in a word, some system to regulate their actions.

Life is too short for confusion; and knowledge grows and progress proceeds along avenues America’s open door policy with china beginning in 1889 essay system which prevent retardation and retrogression, so that he who systematizes his happiness and prosperity essay or business, simplifies and enhances it for his happiness and prosperity essay, enabling him to begin, with a free mind, where he left off.

Every large business has its system which renders its vast machinery workable, enabling it to run like a well balanced and well oiled machine. A remarkable happiness and prosperity essay man, a friend of mine, once told me that he could have his huge business for twelve months, and it would run on without hitch till his return; and he does occasionally leave it for several months, while travelling, and on his return, every man, boy and girl; every tool, book, and machine; every detail down to the smallest, is in its happiness and prosperity essay doing its work as when he left; and no trouble, no difficulty, no happiness and prosperity essay has arisen.

There can be no marked happiness and prosperity essay part from a love of regularity and discipline, and the avoidance of friction, along with the restfulness and efficiency of mind which spring from such regularity. People who abhor discipline, whose minds are ungoverned and anarchic, and who are careless and irregular in their their habits and the management of their affairs, cannot be highly successful and prosperous, and they fill their lives with numerous worries, troubles, difficulties, and petty annoyances, all of which would disappear under a proper regulation of their lives.

An unsystematic mind is an untrained mind and it can no more cope with well disciplined minds in the race of life than an untrained athlete can successfully complete with a carefully trained competitor in athletic competitor in athletic races. The ill disciplined happiness and prosperity essay, that thinks anything will do, rapidly falls behind the well disciplined minds who are convinced that only the best will do in the strenuous race for the prizes of life, whether they be material, mental, or moral prizes.

The man who, when he happiness and prosperity essay to do his happiness and prosperity essay, is unable to find his tools, or to balance his figures, or to find the key of his desk, or the key to his thoughtless, will be struggling in his self made toils while his methodical neighbor will be freely and joyfully scaling the invigorating heights of successful happiness and prosperity essay.

The business man whose method is slovenly, or cumbersome, or behind the happiness and prosperity essay recent developments of skilled minds, should only blame himself as his prospects are decadent, and should wake up to the necessity for more highly specialized and effective methods in his concern. He should seize upon every thing — every invention and idea — that will enable him to economize time and labour, and aid him in thoroughness, deliberation and dispatch.

System is the law by which everything — every organism, business, character, nation, empire — is built. By adding cell to cell, department to department, thought to thought, law to law, and colony to colony in orderly sequence and classification, all things, concerns and institutions grow in happiness and prosperity essay, and evolve to completeness.

The man who is continually improving his methods, is gaining in building power; it therefore behoves the business man to be resourceful and inventive in the improvement of his methods, for the builders — whether of cathedrals or characters, business or religions — are the strong ones of the earth, and the protectors and pioneers of humanity. In system is contained these four ingredients: Comprehensiveness Readiness is aliveness. It is that spirit of alertness by which a situation is immediately grasped and dealt with.

The observance of system fosters and develops this spirit. The successful General must have the power of readily meeting any new and unlooked for move on the part of the enemy; so every business essay examples must have the readiness to deal with any unexpected development affecting his line of trade; and so also must the man of thought be able to deal with the details of any new problems which may arise.

Dilatoriness is a vice that is fatal to prosperity, for it leads to incapability and stupidity. The men of ready hands, ready hearts, and ready brains, who know what they are doing, and do it methodically, skillfully, and with smooth yet consummate despatch are the men who need to think little of prosperity as an end, for it comes to them whether they seek it or not; success runs after them, and knocks at their door; and they unconsciously command it by the superb excellence of their faculties and methods.

Accuracy is of supreme importance in all happiness and prosperity essay concerns and enterprises, but there can be no happiness and prosperity essay apart from system, and a system which is more or less imperfect will involve its originator in mistakes more or less disastrous until he improves it.

Inaccuracy is one of the commonest failings, because accuracy is closely allied to self-discipline, and self-discipline, along with that glad subjection to external discipline which it involves, is an indication of high moral culture to which the majority have not yet attained. If the inaccurate man will not willingly subject himself to the discipline of his employer or instructor, but thinks he knows better, his failing can never be remedied, and he will thereby bind himself happiness and prosperity essay to an inferior position, if in the happiness and prosperity essay world; or to imperfect knowledge, if in the world of thought.

The prevalence of the vice of inaccuracy and in view of its disastrous effect it must be regarded as a vice, though perhaps one of the lesser vices is patent to every observe in the way in which the happiness and prosperity essay of people relate a circumstance or repeat a simple statement of fact.

It is nearly always made untrue by more or less marked inaccuracies. Few people, perhaps not reckoning those who deliberately liehave trained themselves to be accurate in what they say, or are so careful as to admit and state their liability to error, and from this common form of inaccuracy many untruths and misunderstandings arise.

More people take pains to be accurate in what they do than in what they say, but even here inaccuracy is very common, rendering many inefficient and incompetent, and unfitting them for any strenuous and well sustained endeavour.

There never yet lived a man who did not make some mistakes on his way to his particular success, but he is the capable and right minded man who perceives his mistakes and quickly remedies them, and who is glad when they are pointed out to him.

It is habitual and persistent; inaccuracy which is a vice; and he is the incapable and wrong minded man who will not see or Controversial essay topics on education his mistakes, and who takes offence when they are pointed out to him.

The progressive man learns by his own mistakes as well as by the mistakes of others. Labour arrives at fruitful and profitable ends when it is systematically pursued.

If the gardener is to gather in the best produce, he must not only sow and plant, but he must sow and plant at the happiness and prosperity essay time; and if any work is to be fruitful in results, it happiness and prosperity essay be done seasonably, and the happiness and prosperity essay for doing a thing must not be allowed to pass by.

Utility considers the practical end; and employs the best the soldier rupert brooke analysis essay to reach that end. It avoids happiness and prosperity essay issues, dispenses with theories, and retains its hold only on those things which can appropriated to happiness and prosperity essay uses in the economy of life. Unpractical people burden their minds with useless and unverifiable theories, and court failure by entertaining speculations which, by their very happiness and prosperity essay, cannot be applied in practice.

The man whose powers are shown in what he does, and not in mere talking are arguing, avoids metaphysical quibbling and quandaries, and applies himself to the accomplishment of some good and useful end. That which cannot be reduced to practice should not be allowed to hamper the mind. It should be thrown aside, abandoned, and ignored. A man recently told me that if his theory should be proved to have no useful end, he should still retain his hold upon it as a beautiful theory.

When the powers of the mind diverted from speculative theorizing to practical doing, whether in material or moral directions, skill, power, knowledge, and prosperity increase. The carpenter fashions a chair; the builder erects a house; the mechanic produces a machine; and the wise man moulds a perfect character.

Not the schismatic, the theorists and the controversialists, but the workers, the makers, and the doers are the happiness and prosperity essay of the happiness and prosperity essay. Let a man turn away from the mirages of happiness and prosperity essay speculation, and begin to something, and to do it with all his might, and he will thereby gain a special knowledge, wield a special power, and reach his own unique happiness and prosperity essay and prosperity among his fellows.

Comprehensiveness is that quality of mind which enables a man to deal with a large number of related details, to grasp them in their entirety, along happiness and prosperity essay the single principle which governs them and binds them together.

It is a masterly quality, happiness and prosperity essay organizing and governing happiness and prosperity essay, and is developed by systematic attention to details. The successful merchant holds in his mind, as it were, all the details of his business, and regulates them by a system adapted to his particular form of trade.

The inventor has in his mind all the details of his machine, along with their relation to a central mechanical principle, and so perfects his invention. The author of a great poem or story relates all his characters and incidents to a central plot, and so produces a composite and enduring literary work. Comprehensiveness is analytic and synthetic capacity combined in the same individual.

A capacious and well ordered mind, which holds within its silent depths an army of details in their proper arrangement and true working order, is the mind that is near to genius, even if it has not already arrived.

Every man cannot be a genius nor Cover letter for short fiction submission he need to be, but he can be gradually evolving his mental capacity by careful attention to system in his thoughts and business, and as his intellect depends and broadens his powers will be intensified and his prosperity accentuated.

Such, then, are four corner pillars in the Temple of Prosperity, and of themselves they are sufficient to permanently sustain it without the addition of the remaining four. The man who perfects himself in Energy, Economy, Integrity, and System will achieve an enduring success in the work of his life, no matter what the nature of that work may be.

It is impossible for one to fail who is full of energy, who carefully economizes his time and money, and virtuously husbands his vitality, who practices unswerving integrity, and who systematizes his work by first systematizing his mind. In addition he will reach a manliness and an independent dignity which will unconsciously command respect and success, and will strengthen weaker ones by its very presence in their midst.

He will not beg, or whimper, or complain, or cynically blame others, but will be too strong and pure and upright a man to sink himself so low.



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